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As we start a new year, I want to recognize Dick Donaldson for the years of service he provided as President. Even with his health issues, he worked to lead the Wing through numerous challenges. His advice and experience will be missed.

I hope to develop a sense of communication for our members to be aware of the many opportuni-
ties that our volunteer members provide for you. To ensure that we can maintain our communication from the Wing Executive Council (WEC) please take time to review our mailings. If you have an active email address, please forward it to me. Electronic mailings will assist with our financial expenditure.

Our headquarter building is the main focus of our day to day operations as we strive to fulfil our commitment to the Air Cadet League of Canada to provide the cadets of 585 Rideau Squadron with a viable home to conduct their training. This successful program four our local youth has seen numerous pilots and positive leaders graduate and move onto responsible adults both within our military and the civilian world. The main challenge we continue to face is to raise funds for the furnace replacements. We are nearing our goal but to be successful, we need to promote the availability of rentals and social events.

If you, our members have suggestions, please feel free to forward your thoughts to me and the WEC will discuss the feasibility of any idea. Not all positions are filled but if anyone has an interest in volunteering, we can assist yo to learn what needs to be done for these positions. Drop into the lounge to talk with fellow members. The lounge is not only for members but is open to introduce the public to what 443 Wing is about.

We hope to continue to promote membership with new, returning and past members. Unbeknown to many people, the membership dues as an Associate member does not leave the Wing but the full dues remains in our accounts. We will be welcoming new members at our September meeting. Please join us.

Doug Irish